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Custom Cheerleading Music Composition & Licensing Studio // Frontend E-commerce, Backend Administrative Order Management Platform & Freelance Producer Portal.

Customized Music Licensing Ecommerce Site

Ecommerce audio customization site with industry specific news/advice blog

Each ‘product’ in the product listing can be previewed with a single click; prompting a global, footer-anchored audio player. Once in any single product’s page, the same global player can be triggered. Each product has a myriad of monetized customization options & sub-options which can be applied to to said mix, laid out in an multi-block accordion style.


Upon purchase, dozens of automations initiate. The most important of which creates a pdf license for every mix purchased. Each license is created utilizing personal info (coach name, program name, team name & division) and prints with a barcode and QR code.

Event producers, when checking in teams that are competing, can use the MixCheckâ„¢ mobile phone app to scan the QR code to verify the validity of the license.


When a mix is purchased, several automations are triggered that bring appx 100 or so data points from said order into the spreadsheet-style application, Airtable.

5 tables within Airtable receive all orders; each representing a different step within the process of creating a customized audio product for a customer.

Backend Producer Portal

Order info moves through all 4 stages of production within airtable, the last of which is composition. Independent contracting producers each log in to a self-hosted portal.

Each producer’s dashboard contains mixes that are both ready for production & assigned to that producer, a visual calendar representing the due dates of ready mixes, as well as completed mixes where the client has requested an edit.

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